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  Welcome to Proprius Pilates, Therapies & Training

We believe every client is unique, requiring individual, prescriptive treatments and our team of experienced, highly qualified therapists have helped change lives.

Glebe Barn Studios and Clinic, based in South Norfolk, was opened in 2007 by Kim Snelling. Kim founded Shape-Up Pilates in 1993 and in 2022, Shape-Up Pilates and Proprius Therapies joined together to create Proprius PTT.

Proprius is a Latin word which has various meanings – ‘individual’, ‘own’, ‘special’ and ‘characteristic’ – all of which encapsulate the uniqueness of everyone and the physical and mental make-up of us all as human beings. Proprius Therapies has evolved to cater for an increasing number of clients presenting with injury-related issues or mechanical pain problems. At Glebe Barn Studios & Clinic, the Proprius team have successfully treated many clients, some of whom had begun to lose hope as they searched for answers.  All are helped to understand the long-term benefits of the treatments and the solutions relevant to them.

Our Therapists treat clients with various conditions and over the last five years they have specialised in mechanical back pain issues, nutated pelvises, lateral ‘C’ curve (including clinical scoliosis) and hypermobility. As a result, the team has developed, with considerable success, both manual therapies and physical prescriptive exercise programmes to address these complex but extremely common problems.

As knowledgeable anatomists, with an in-depth understanding of movement and movement patterns, the team at Proprius PTT have adapted their techniques to work on biomechanical weaknesses and mentor other Practitioners in their unique style and methodology. Our philosophy is that every client is different, requiring individual, prescriptive treatments and the testimonials received are affirmation of the many positive outcomes.

Proprius Pilates and Massage Norfolk Entrance Driveway
Specialist Pilates

we offer a bespoke service

Pilates to fit you


If you are a newcomer to Pilates, you will need to complete our 4 week Basic Principles Programme. This consists of small groups of novices allowing for individual attention to be given.


As Soft Tissue Therapists and Pilates Practitioners, we are qualified to treat mechanical pain, including lower back and we also work with various medical conditions.


Some of our clients are unable to access any of our mainstream classes due to various medical conditions and/or joint issues.  As specialists in this area we endeavour to be inclusive to all.

1 to 1 Sessions

We are able to offer clients with time availability constraints, tailor-made Pilates solutions, the benefits of which can help strengthen both the body and mind.

we also offer sports and Soft Tissue therapies

Treatments to fit you

Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy

Treatment and correction for musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction caused by life stresses.

Sports Massage & Specific Injury

Combining a variety of techniques including trigger pointing, stretching, mobilising and manipulating.

Mechanical Back Pain

Specialists in back issues, from slipped discs to scoliotic curves or bad posture.