Mechanical Back Pain

At Proprius Therapies, we will fully assess your injury or mechanical pain issues and evaluate postural muscle imbalances and mechanical misalignment.

Treatment begins with a consultation, during which a plan will be proposed and your full agreement obtained, while ensuring that you also have the opportunity to ask any questions or have a discussion with your GP before proceeding.

During treatments, we will use a variety of techniques that are appropriate to your needs. To complement the treatment, we can advise you on appropriate exercises and stretches. Whilst simply restoring health to muscle and tissues, by realigning muscle and structure, allows for an improved range of movement, the Proprius team see the most dramatic results in clients who underpin remedial massage therapy with prescriptive physical exercises, which target their muscle imbalances.

Continuing to repeat an incorrect, learnt pattern of movement in everyday life, that has helped create the mechanical issues and damage, only ensures that the problems will be ongoing. We become desensitised and only when hungry, thirsty, tired, stressed or in pain are we alerted to a problem. Many other, more subtle messages are not picked up. Usually, our automatic response to pain is to adopt a ‘protection mode’; reducing our range of movement and activity, while reaching for pain-killers and looking for help from clinical practitioners. These are all understandable reactions. However, what about long-term improvement?

The Proprius team advocate specific exercise, using controlled, self-manipulation methods, where skills are learnt to help heal ourselves. These methods allow us to build a relationship with our response pathways, using proprioception techniques which change muscle memory, empowering us to prevent mechanical stress, degenerative skeletal problems, pain and disease.

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we offer sports and remedial Soft Tissue therapies

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Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy

Treatment and correction for musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction caused by life stresses.

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Mechanical Back Pain

Specialists in back issues, from scoliotic curves to bad posture.

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